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Thanks so much for creating for me! Please don't read anything into the varying lengths of different sections; it's almost all to do with whether I went down the "yes, all of these tags" route or tried to focus in on some particular aspect; for the former ones, I've probably gone a bit overboard in trying to cover all possible combinations.

The most important thing is that I would, genuinely, be very happy with anything created for any combination of character and worldbuilding tags I've picked (as long as it avoids my DNWs). Many of the worldbuilding tags do seem to me to be prompts in and of themselves, to be honest, so if you've already got ideas, please do just go for it, but if you are interested in more detail I have written this ridiculously long letter. (No, really, it's ridiculously long, I'm sorry. I have made a pact with myself that I must write more words in assignment + treats than there is in this letter.)

General likes

  • I love worldbuilding in all its forms; my favourite canons split pretty evenly into ones where the worldbuilding feels all wonderfully detailed and I just want even more of it, and ones where I have a ton of nagging questions that I want filling in/inconsistencies I want to see resolved.
  • That said, I am definitely not averse to shipping if you want to include it. I have listed for each fandom any ships I particularly ship among the selected characters, but I am in general open to being persuaded on any given pairing.
  • I love canon-divergent AUs; if you want to explore the worldbuilding in question by taking a road-not-travelled approach, that's A-OK with me.
  • Fic: I am in general happy with many different types of fic; Just the characters doing something that they're stated to do in canon but with the details glossed over would be fine with me, if there's more detailed exploration of how they do it to show the worldbuilding. But I genuinely have no restrictions on things like person, tense, and am very open to epistolary fic, interactive fiction, and so on. Again, go with your inspiration.
  • Meta: I have a feeling that the sort of stuff that's considered Meta for this exchange I would quite happily consider fic anyway, but yes please to anything and everything that fits in the category of things you might find in that universe. Encyclopedia entries, newspaper articles, instruction manuals, teaching materials, etc. Even better, something that takes this a layer deeper, like a historical overview presenting bits and pieces from different sources and pointing out the contrasts/conflicts between them. For myths and legends, I love the sort of thing where it's a distorted view of the version we "know" from canon. But in general, anything you can imagine that would fit into the meta category would be great.
  • Art: I'm open to any and all types of worldbuilding art. Maps! Diagrams! Fictional landscapes! Portraits of characters illustrating worldbuilding elements (fashion, gadgets they're holding, etc.)! If you're inclined to include, I do love Easter-Egg-y type stuff in art, and for some of these fandoms I would really love something that reproduced the feel of being from that universe, where appropriate (e.g. for TNG, something that had bits of LCARS interface round the side). I'll be honest -- I don't feel like I'm very good at prompting for art. I've tried to provide some more specific ideas in each case, but they really are just suggestions; if they're not working for you but something I've put in the other bits of the details has sparked off an idea, go with it by all means.

Do Not Wants

  • Especially for this exchange, I would very much not like to receive any AU that isn't the canon divergent kind.
  • Please no character bashing. (These are all canons where I like almost everyone and the people who I don't like -- e.g. Miriam from SMAC -- I want a nuanced take on.)
  • Apart from that, the only other things I was strongly DNW enough about to put in the sign up box (that aren't automatically covered by the "it should have worldbuilding in it" baseline) are all smut-related things that I think are fairly unlikely to come up, but just in case: please no underage, incest, watersports, bloodplay, breathplay, emetophilia, scat or vore

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

General note for this fandom: I am intensely agnostic about SMAX. I have no preference at all as to whether you include ideas from it, ignore it completely, or treat it as a source of inspiration without feeling bound to the details.

Characters: Corazon Santiago, Deirdre Skye, Miriam Godwinson, No Characters, Original Character(s), Planet (Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri), Prokhor Zakharov (Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri)

(I ship Corazon/Deirdre.)

I would in general be happy with explorations of the worldbuilding from the perspective of any of the faction leaders, not just the four in the tag set, or OCs from the factions. Or things with no characters at all, especially on the meta front.

Worldbuilding: Impact of discovery of human psi powers on society, Previous Flowerings, Religion on Planet, Social Engineering, Transcendent Thoughts

Impact of discovery of human psi powers on society -- The game does jump quite quickly from the early mind worm attacks revealing that psi powers are real to empaths everywhere, and there are later bits that imply the far future implications, like the Telepathic Matrix, but especially in the early days it must have caused huge ructions in a society that was already only precariously clinging on in an alien world. What does it mean for ideas about privacy? How does it affect people's view of what it means to be human? Do some factions shun telepaths? (Or are they just too useful even in the ones that we might imagine would be suspicious, especially in fighting mind worms? And obviously all the faction leaders seem to turn out to be powerful telepaths, given the connections they form with Planet.) Or were there hints that there was something to it even back on Earth? (maybe all those '60s parapsychology experiments caught on to something?) For art, I would be very up for something that gets at the same type of vibes as some of the related Secret Project videos (from the creepiness of the Empath Guild one to the outright horror of the Psychic Amplifier to the everything's-great-or-is-it Telepathic Matrix one).

Religion on Planet -- How does life on a new world affect religious views? The Gaians are an obvious candidate here: the Weather Paradigm is a very early project and comes with its own Gaian prayer. But what sort of belief systems existed among Deirdre's followers on board the Unity? What is Deirdre's role, and how comfortable is she with it? That sort of thing. If you're up for doing fictional Christian theology, I'm also intrigued by how the Believers adapt their take on things. (OK, I admit it; these are my nominations and this is why I put Miriam in.) There are implications in some of the in-game quotes that they put the expulsion from paradise front and centre, but then there's also all the endgame "We Must Dissent" stuff. But I'd also be interested in, e.g. how the University (which I kind of assume is at least officially atheist) handles rituals around major life events, death, etc. or whatever weird rituals the Hive use to help people "extend [their] awareness outward, beyond the self of body, to embrace the self of group and the self of humanity", and so on. Art-wise for this, I'd love some religious art from Planet.

Social Engineering -- the social engineering screen is seriously my favourite game mechanic ever; none of the later Civ takes on the same idea have quite given me the same feeling of pressing a lever here and getting an outcome over there but also an unintended consequence to deal with in the corner. How do the faction leaders weigh up these choices? (Given that these often determine diplomacy as well -- what do they do if their neighbour is pushing for something that isn't necessarily what they would go for?) Or taking a more ordinary citizen's level view of things, what's it like to go through an upheaval? (The fact that you just have to pay a bunch of money for it with none of the disorder in Civ II suggests that the Psych Chaplains and similar are doing a lot of stuff to people to get them to accept new models, for example.) Art-wise, some sort of chart or diagram representing connections between different areas? Or a map produced by a probe team of the likely willingness of an enemy population to adopt certain models? Or a propaganda poster?

Previous Flowerings -- this one seems most obvious as a match to Planet character-wise, but if you want to have one of the human characters discussing it with Planet/having some sort of psychic vision/etc. go for it. But I would love to know more about what Planet thinks in those moments of godhood before the dieback. Is it all quite philosophical, or is it a desperate attempt to try to survive? Art-wise, something representing the connections within the fungus all across the planet, maybe?

Transcendent Thoughts -- What are they, anyway? In some games, I seem to have an awful lot of them. I would be up for anything here from pure philosophy to invented science. Art-wise, any sort of numinous representation of a transcendent thought itself would be awesome, or something about the Transcendi -- how they seem themselves vs their reality of living inside a computer, somehow?

A lot of these tags could definitely be combined together. (e.g. how do the Believers integrate the existence of psi into their theology? To what extent do the musings of the Transcendi recapitulate Planet's millions-of-years-earlier thoughts?)

The Wicked + The Divine

General note: I am staying up to date so don't worry about spoilers.

Characters: Ananke, Baal, Inanna, Baphomet, Morrigan, Laura|Persephone, Lucifer, UrĂ°r

(I ship Baal/Inanna, Baphomet/Morrigan, Laura/everyone, Lucifer/everyone. I have no problem with other characters appearing, both in the tag set and not, including Woden.)

Worldbuilding: the extent to which Ananke was lying, Previous Recurrences, Lost Pantheons, the Saeculum, Past Godly Memories, Other Gods, The Great Darkness

Or in short: I want to know anything and everything about past recurrences (that 1831 issue felt like I had been waiting for it since forever), and I want to know what's really going on.

Please do feel free to invent anything and everything that suits your purposes. Either decide that everything Ananke ever said was completely made up and something very, very different was going on, or that she only spoke the truth when explaining the big picture, and it really was all necessary after all. (I do have a slight feeling that canon is going to end up more in the latter direction, with Laura ending up having to take over as the next Ananke.) But I am intrigued by the deep backstory stuff.

In terms of the individual gods, I would love something set about the same god or gods across multiple recurrences (maybe an epic love story?) -- make up new gods by all means; I didn't choose the Original Character(s) tag here because there were too many I wanted to request, but feel free to pretend I did.

In terms of the bigger picture stuff, what happened during the ninety year reign of the gods when the darkness was first defeated? Why are the Lost Pantheons lost? Is it just the fact that some pockets of human culture were isolated in the past, or is it something more sinister? Is the Darkness a shifting, intangible thing, or does it have agents of its own? Is Ananke playing both sides? (I do have a slight off-the-wall headcanon that there are recurrences for avatars of the Darkness as well, also triggered by Ananke [though I guess they wouldn't necessarily have to be, that's just the way the idea evolved in my brain; Ananke meeting anti-Ananke between cycles would be awesome, come to think], but on a different time period between them [like those locusts that emerge in prime number years] but occasionally there are epic battles when both are around at the same time.)

For art here, anything and everything related to past recurrences would be great. What did the gods wear in their previous appearances? Or if you're going for something more abstract, something that plays around with all the different symbols for the gods would be fun.

Revelation Space

Characters: Ana Khouri, Ilia Volyova, Irravel Veda, Nevil Clavain, No Characters, Original Character(s), Remontoire

(I ship Ana/Ilia.)

Worldbuilding: impact of NAFAL travel on human society, Pattern Jugglers, the Dawn War, the greenfly-infested future, Ultra society

Ultra society & impact of NAFAL travel on human society -- I kind of see these as two sides of the same coin; the impact of the Conjoiner engines both on the people who crew the ships and the rest of humanity. I really would welcome anything that fits within these tags, but if you want more detail: More fleshing out of how trade and migration work would be great (there seems to be a lot of interstellar migration, considering how risky it is, or is that just that the sort of characters that get involved in the main plot are more likely to be involved in it?), as would anything about the changing status of Earth/the Solar System. For art, a portrait of an Ultra with all their implants etc. would be awesome, or something like a travel poster, or a map of inhabited systems showing the most likely lighthugger routes between them (either as an Ultra navigation chart, or a sort of dumbed down version for potential sleeper passengers).

The Dawn War -- go absolutely wild if you want, inventing all sorts of details about all the different aliens who occupied the early galaxy. What were their politics and diplomacy like? Were they from all sorts of strange environments? How did what eventually became the Inhibitors get started? War robots or something else? I'm kind of imagining this as being an Original Characters/No Characters thing, but if you want to have a framing device of the main characters finding out about it, or even send someone back in time/into a simulation somehow, go for it.

Pattern Jugglers -- what is going on with them? How much do they "know" about what's going on? (My headcanon is that the Pattern Jugglers were deliberately created as a way of preserving at least something from the civilisations marked for destruction; what I'm never sure about is whether they were created by the same people as the Inhibitors, or their opponents. But there are obvious ties to the Dawn War tag here if you want to go down that road.) For art, some sort of abstract representation of what it's like to have your brain picked apart and rearranged would be amazing, but so would a scene of one of their planets, with or without someone swimming.

The greenfly-infested future -- What happens next after Galactic North, basically? It seems to me that of the canon characters this is most easily explored with Irravel and Remontoire but it's also obviously a candidate for Original/No Characters, and of course you should feel free to use other canon characters if you can see a way to make it work. (For what it's worth, I think the Shadows from the "other brane" contacting Rashmika/Aura through the scrimshaw suit in Absolution Gap were humans from the far future, trying to change history; some ideas about branes include them being "folded over" and I am fairly convinced Reynolds was intentionally playing with that.) I'd also be interested in exploration of where the greenfly come from -- they seem to be for terraforming of a sort; are they another Dawn War relic? Was there a plan all along to repopulate the merged galaxy formed after the collision between the Milky Way and Andromeda? For art, any sort of representation of what it's like in the future would be great, from what a greenfly itself looks like, to how things are inside a greenfly habitat to a map of the entire galaxy showing their progress. (Are there natural obstacles?)

Marvel Secret Wars Battleworlds

I did originally have this as two different sets of prompts, but then I decided I really did want Bad Blood badly enough to combine them. I hope they make sense all jumbled together.

Characters: Victor von Doom, Stephen Strange, Owen Reece, Susan Storm, Valeria, No Characters, Original Characters

(I ship Victor/Stephen.)

Worldbuilding: building of Battleword, Infinity Gems and other powerful artefacts, Thors and their hammers and Doomgard, role of the Foundation, effects of Doom being omnipotent but not omniscient

Building of Battleworld -- Anything about what was going on when they first built Battleworld would be awesome. From how it's described in canon, it seems to have been very difficult to get the different patches of reality to coexist; I'd love something about what that looked like in practice. On the meta level, something about the legends the inhabitants later tell of that time would be fascinating. Art-wise, something showing Doom exerting his power, or Stephen doing magic, or anything like that, would be great.

Infinity Gems etc. -- so it's a big McGuffin in the final stages of the arc that Stephen has squirrelled away a complete Infinity Gauntlet from one universe. It sounds like he spent a lot of time trying to find it, so are there a lot of Infinity Gems out there early on? (Does Owen feed on them to start with, and it's only years later that he's reduced to old hamburgers?) Are they more likely to survive the death throes of a universe than other things? What about other items of cosmic power? For art, I'd definitely be up for something showing reflections of shards of different universes in different gems, or something like that.

Thors etc. -- how did the Thor corps get established? Why Thors and not any other heroes/space cops/etc.? (Are there lots of Mjolnirs hanging around from the previous universes, a la the Infinity Gems? There is that mention very early on of Doom plucking stars from the sky.) Is Doom worthy of lifting his own Mjolnirs? If you want to go for a casefic/procedural type approach to show how the Thors deal with day-to-day problems, that would be great. Art-wise, other Marvel characters of our choice as Thors would be awesome.

Role of the Foundation -- Where does Valeria's Foundation sit in relation to Stephen's operations? Exactly how much influence does she have over Doom? Again, caseficcy type stuff of them investigating Battleworld would be great. For art, diagrams of gadgets Valeria invents?

Doom is omnipotent but not omniscient -- I really, really want to know how this works in practice. Do areas of Battleworld that Doom doesn't know much about have a sketchier quality to their existence than others? (This could lend itself to some interesting art, I think, if you take "sketchier" fairly literally.) Is this why Stephen is seen reporting on lots of minutiae in his Sheriff role in the early issues? What happens when Doom really wants to exert his power? I think this interacts with some of the other tags in particular in terms of the Thors being an extension of Doom's will, and what happens if Valeria comes up with a theory -- if she tells Doom, does it instantly become fact if he's convinced? And how did it play into the original forging of Battleworld from the remains of dead universes?

Bad Blood (Taylor Swift)

Characters: Arsyn, Catastrophe, Headmistress, Lucky Fiori, The Trinity, No Characters, Original Character(s)

(I am more than happy for other characters to appear as well. I ship Arsyn/Catastrophe.)

Worldbuilding: Apocalyptic scenarios, Origins of the Organisation, Technology, The Trinity as gestalt entity, Training manuals

Origins of the Organisation -- dig into the backstory. How long has all this been going on? (I mean, they could be the modern day inheritors of some secret sisterhood stretching back into antiquity, if you want. Maybe an interesting direction for art -- a Roman mosaic or something representing their millennia-old predecessors?) Who betrayed whom, why and how often? And so on.

Technology -- they seem to have a lot of stuff that's basically working on magic/rule of cool; how does it all work "really"? In art terms, this is definitely where a lovingly detailed diagram wouldn't go amiss, but a portrait of Catastrophe or one of her friends tooled up would be awesome too.

Training manuals -- this is more of a tag for the meta category, I guess, but something detailing why they put people through all the stuff Catastrophe goes through in the video would be awesome. It could be built into a fic, I suppose, and in art terms diagrams extracted from a manual would be great.

The Trinity as gestalt entity -- What is her/their deal? Were they the result of some sort of experiment or did some accident leave them that way? Or are they just identical triplets? For art, something representing psychic communion between them would be awesome, or just them going about their business in sync with one another.

Apocalyptic scenarios -- why is everything exploding in the end? what was in the briefcase in the first place that was so important and is it linked to that? has the world been heading into a dire situation for a while, or is it all very sudden? Art-wise, maybethe scene of destruction after the final battle?

Machineries of Empire

Characters: Ajewen Cheris, Garach Jedao Shkan, Kujen, Liozh Zai, No Characters, Original Character(s), Vahenz afrir dai Noum

(I ship Liozh/Vahenz, Cheris/various people who aren't in the tag set and dirtybadwrong Jedao/Kujen.)

Worldbuilding: Effects of boundaries between calendrical regimes, how calendrical mechanics works, links between languages and calendrical regimes, origins of the heptarchate, servitors

So the first three of these tags are all about calendars and such. I am intrigued, and I want more! It seems that it all relies on the beliefs of the population (including as expressed through language -- I'm intrigued by the high and low languages thing, and the fact that Jedao's language is "dead in the hexarchate" by the time of the events of Ninefox Gambit). When space is uninhabited, how far out do the effects project? The mentions of "invariance" in canon hint at relativity to me; is it that Einstein supplied such a convincing model that humanity locked itself into a particular regime (that didn't allow FTL and exotic effects) without even knowing it, until eventually it was replaced? Anything from a historical overview, a field guide for Kel soldiers to dealing with boundaries to a fic about a society caught up on a boundary. Art of what it's like when an exotic weapon suddenly fails? Or something fairly grisly about remembrances, if you're so inclined?

Origins of the heptarchate -- anything and everything about how it all got started would be great. What sort of society or societies did the factions emerge from? It seems to be quite strongly linked to the origins of the calendar and so on; how radical were the changes from what went before? It's not even clear to me whether their neighbours aliens or other humans with their own calendars; if the latter, did they split off after things started to shake out, or did they come up with their own ideas independently? Art-wise, any sort of iconography of the heptarchate would be great; there's a lot of loving descriptions of Kel and Shuos emblems in canon, but much less about the others.

Servitors -- something's clearly going on with the servitors. Do they have a long-term strategy? Or are they just making do in the margins of human society? Cheris is an obvious character to explore this with, but others are fine too. What if Kujen figures things out? Is the fact that the calendrical regime on the fortress isn't servitor-neutral a sign that they're working with Liozh in some way? And so on. For art, I'd love a picture of a servitor, or even better, a whole group of servitors with different forms having a meeting.

The Man in the High Castle (TV)

Characters: Juliana Crain, Nobusuke Tagomi, No Characters, Original Characters

Although none of the canon ones are amongst these tags, I don't mind if Nazi canon or original characters appear, even in significant roles, but I would prefer that the fic not be entirely focused on them.

Worldbuilding: The Films, The Filmmaker, Meditation as Bridge Between Realities

I want to know all about the inter-universe travel. Is the reality Tagomi visits ours, or another alternate that isn't as obviously divergent (yet)? What's the significance of Juliana being his daughter-in-law in that timeline? (Bearing in mind what she's told at the end of S2 about how things in the films seem to revolve around her.) Speaking of the end of S2, has Trudy come back from some inter-universe meditational travel of her own? Will Juliana learn how to do it? Is all the travel ad hoc and accidental, or are there groups of more organised travellers? (Is the Man in the High Castle one of them/in contact with them?) I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when Kotomichi (Tagomi's assistant at the Trade Ministry who was in Nagasaki when the bomb dropped in the other timeline) turned out not to be an agent for a secret network of paratime travellers. Art-wise, something capturing the moment of transition from one reality to the next? Or a map of timelines diverging from each other?

The films and the filmmaker seem very related to the above questions: where are they coming from? It could just about be that they all come about fairly accidentally, like Tagomi acquiring the footage of the Bikini Atoll test, but overall it seems much more organised than that. Is there a single filmmaker in a prime reality, or is it more of a network? For art, something that captures the flickery newsreel feel of the images on the films would be good. Or the same scene several different ways, that could be a set of frames from the same film or could be the same frame from multiple films across multiple realities?

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Characters: Beverly Crusher, Deanna Troi, No Characters, Original Characters

(I ship Beverly/Deanna, though I don't see them as an exclusive couple.)

Worldbuilding: Life and Work on a Federation Medical Ship, Utopian Earth, Sociological Implications of Holodeck Technology

Life and Work on a Federation Medical Ship -- anything from dealing with how they deal with major crises to more everyday stuff would be lovely here. There must be lots of empty space on a ship like this when it's not actually in full crisis mode; how do the crew deal with that? Are there lots of superstitions? What's the day-to-day admin like? I could definitely go for a Captain's Log or similar meta-style piece here. Art-wise, a scene from life on board, a diagram of some particular piece of medical apparatus, or something like a cutaway diagram of the decks would be amazing. (For what it's worth, if you've offered this in conjunction with Beverly, I would be very, very happy with stuff exploring life on board the USS Pasteur from the All Good Things alt-future.)

Utopian Earth -- how does the post-scarcity society they've got going on Earth actually work in practice? (Feel free to attack this from any direction, from sociological to where does all the energy for the replicators come from or anything in between.) Is it really as Utopian as all that? Is everyone very earnest and self-improving, or is Starfleet primarily an excuse to get all those sorts of people off-planet to leave everyone else to have fun? How does the memory of the horrors of the 21st Century affect people's views of their lives now? Feel free to explore this from the perspective of Beverly and/or Deanna (on shore leave, or when they were cadets?), original characters or no characters. Art-wise, any sort of scene from Earth would be great; maybe some views of famous landmarks as they have ended up in the 24th Century? The show liked doing this with its matte paintings on the rare occasions it did go to Earth, but there are vast number of places unexplored.

Sociological Implications of Holodeck Technology -- At the start of TNG, the holodeck is this shiny brand new thing that none of the characters have ever seen before, and it doesn't even have its own characters until midway through S1 with The Big Goodbye. But it very, very quickly seems to become ubiquitous. The show does play around with issues around it (e.g. with Moriarty and Barclay, and also all the stuff Voyager does with the Doctor) but there's a sort of baseline assumption that everyone's a Starfleet officer and very busy and focused on their jobs, Barclay being presented as an exception. What does it mean for society as a whole? Is holodeck access rationed in any way? (Surely even in the post-scarcity society computational cycles are a finite resource, given that the Enterprise sometimes managed to get distracted into using up its entire computer core on running holodcek things.) Or can people get their own holodecks in their homes very easily? Does it create a whole generation of shut-ins? Or does the overall philosophy of 24th Century humanity include ideas that prevent them from getting too distracted? Do people worry about the fact that malfunctions seem to be quite frequent? What does holodeck technology mean for crime? Is it ever used as a diplomatic tool? Crossing over into DS9 for a minute, how does the Federation view Ferengi holosuites? (The Ferengi don't have anything resembling the Prime Directive; is there handwringing about cultures that ought not to be contacted being exposed to the technology when the Ferengi trade with them?) Art-wise, I think there's definitely an opportunity to do literally anything you want here, portraying things inside a holodeck program. But if you want something more specific, maybe people using it to fly?

NASA Visions of the Future posters

Characters: Original Characters, No Characters

Worldbuilding: Europan Life, PSO J318.5-22 Settlement, Venus Cloud Settlement

Go absolutely wild, basically. What's it like to live elsewhere in the Solar System? What sorts of technology are needed to support these settlements? How does society change? Feel free to treat the posters/tags as very loose inspiration and speculate about the future Solar System in general, especially how the economics and politics of far flung settlements work (anything that deals with issues of light speed delay in communications between different points and how it changes as planets/moons/rocks get nearer and further away from each other in their orbits would be utter catnip to me, for what it's worth). Art-wise, anything from a portrait of an inhabitant to a view inside one of the settlements to a safety diagram of how to put on your spacesuit safely before exiting the pressurised area to a map of the entire Solar System would be awesome.

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Character: Maz Kanata

Worldbuilding: Takodana over the centuries

Maz is one of my favourite characters from TFA, and has this huge backstory waiting to be filled in. Feel free to invent whatever you like, tie into other branches of canon, etc. I would be equally happy with Maz in barkeep mode or off on some sort of adventure. Who has she met? How aware was she of the rise of the First Order? How does she view her connection to the Force? (I didn't request Rogue One in the end but that Guardians of the Whills tag in particular appealed to me a great deal; do they know about Maz? How do they view each other?) How did she go about building her bar? Why Takodana rather than anywhere else? Art-wise, a picture of Maz as she was when she was younger would be great, or a scene from her bar during an earlier period.

Ecology etc. worldbuilding for Takodana would be great, too; I do admire the way Star Wars just goes with "yup, (almost) every planet has just the one single biome, deal with it", but finding a way to make it convincing is enormous fun.



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