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First of all, thank you very much for creating for me. This is a bit of a monster letter so I've tried to subdivide it effectively and make it navigable. (Please don't read anything about my preferences into either the order of the fandoms, or the relative amounts I've written about them. I would be equally delighted to receive something for all of these fandoms; in fact, I quite aggressively cut down my list to make sure that was true.)

I'm requesting fic or art for all of my fandoms, and both tricks and treats for almost all (the exception is Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, for which I don't want tricks). My AO3 name is the same as this dreamwidth: weakinteraction

General | Revelation Space | Squirrel Girl | WicDiv | Disney Fairies | West Wing | SMAC | KotOR

General likes

I am up for a wide range of types of fanworks, and equally happy with ratings anywhere on the scale.

I genuinely do equally like all of gen, slash, het and femslash. On the shipping side of things, I will note in the individual fandom sections any ships I am particularly keen on, but I don't really have NOTPs in any of these fandoms, so any combination of characters that you're interested in is absolutely fine with me (including if it involves bringing in characters who didn't make it into the tag set); in general, I am more than happy to handwave that Everyone Is Bi And Poly for the purposes of fanworks.

Some general tropes I like: time travel, multiple universes, amnesia/hallucinations/other identity stuff, loyalty kink, telepathy

Fic likes: Overall, I am honestly very easy to please; I genuinely like pretty much all types of fic, from humorous vignettes, to angsty introspection, to twisty plotty adventure stories, casefic, slice of life, or digging into the canon's worldbuilding (even if it ends up ignoring all the requested characters entirely), and all points in between. I do want to make a positive point of the fact that fic-wise I'm always up for non-standard formats, anything from epistolatory or verse through to stories presented through documentary evidence, 1st/2nd person, present/future tense, IF, etc. etc. Again, if it works for what you want to do, I'll lap it up. (This is not to say that I don't enjoy reading third person, past tense, because I definitely do! I just don't want you to be put off doing other things if your inspiration takes you in that direction.)

Art likes: I do like use of light and shade in a picture, and interesting Easter-egg-y type stuff going on in the background (if there is one). An action scene that's a snapshot from an adventure, the characters in the middle of kicking ass. Goofy hijinks when the characters are off-duty. For shippier stuff, little moments of intimacy: stolen kisses, hurt/comfort type stuff (but please not too much on the hurt front), that sort of thing.

For tricks: I don't like out-and-out gory stuff, but am fine with most other horror tropes. On the spooky side, I love a building sense of unease that there's something wrong with the world. I really, really love apocalyptic scenarios, with the characters demonstrating resolve and loyalty and so on in the face of overwhelming odds against them (whether they eventually succeed or fail).

For treats: Anything at all that captures the characters enjoying themselves, or conquering adversity. For shippy stuff, I am fine with anything on a spectrum from OTP4eva to casual hookups. At the smuttier end of the scale, I like both vanilla and kinkier stuff; my Smut Swap letter may well be helpful if you do want to go down that road.

Absolute Do Not Wants:

  • excessively fluffy fluff (the sort of thing which is just the characters calling each other by pet names for the entire length of the fic and nothing at all actually happens)
  • character bashing
  • pregnancy/kidfic
  • on the other hand, children in danger of or actually being harmed/killed (I can't really see how this might come up in these fandoms except as a detail in casefic or similar, but please avoid it)
  • non-canon-divergent AUs (that is, I would prefer not to receive things like coffee shop/high school/etc. mundane AU - canon-divergent AU on the other hand is fine, as noted above)
  • kinks involving bodily fluids not usually associated with sex (scat, watersports, emetophilia, bloodplay, etc.)
  • incest
  • characters under 16 having sex (passing reference to them having been sexually active younger than this is fine if it's in character but please don't portray it "on screen")
  • violent non-con (in darker scenarios, I am OK with things like dubcon because one character is coercing the other or SFnal non-con like mind control)

Do Not Wants in treats, but fine for tricks:

  • non-con or dubcon of any kind
  • permanent major character death (unless there's been a time jump sufficient for them to have died of natural causes in the interim, or something like that)
  • infidelity and/or breaking up a canon ship unpleasantly in favour of the pairing (I am equally happy in cases where there are canon ships that don't match the ship you're planning to write with any of: a mild canon-divergent AU where that relationship just didn't happen, an amicable breakup in the backstory, or a poly arrangement; you don't need to specify any of these, my subconscious will happily handwave whatever feels most appropriate as long as you don't outright state that infidelity is going on)

General | Revelation Space | Squirrel Girl | WicDiv | Disney Fairies | West Wing | SMAC | KotOR

Revelation Space - Alastair Reynolds

Requested characters: Ana Khouri, Ilia Volyova, The Mademoiselle, Captain Brannigan, Dan Sylveste, Philip Lascaille

Trick ideas: Reynolds's writing is definitely horror-adjacent, so I think there's plenty of room for manoeuvre here with any character or characters. Melding plague body horror. The utter wrongness of the cache weapons. The Pattern Jugglers rewriting your identity. Everything to do with the Eighty. The Inhibitors on the attack.

Treat ideas: I ship Ana/Ilia (though not in an everything-sweetness-and-light kind of way) so I'd be very open to that. More generally, I'd be interested in something exploring the way the Ultras and the lighthuggers, while being separate from human society, are the only thing tying different solar systems together. Brannigan is hinted at as being from only a little after our time, so maybe something from his POV about how much things have changed over the centuries?

General | Revelation Space | Squirrel Girl | WicDiv | Disney Fairies | West Wing | SMAC | KotOR

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Requested characters: Doreen Green, Nancy Whitehead
(Note: I am definitely open to other characters -- both in the tag set and not -- appearing, but I'd definitely like at least one of these two.)

I would prefer not to receive tricks for this fandom.

Treat ideas: I love everything about this comic: the little "alt-text" bits, the computer science nerdery, the explorations of obscure corners of the Marvel universe (definite possibility for the Monster Mash challenge with this fandom, I think), Doreen's determined optimism about finding common ground with supervillains ... Anything involving Doreen and/or Nancy that captures one or more of those aspects of canon would make me very happy. And I do definitely ship these two (and am becoming slightly tinhattish about the idea that canon might go there eventually). If you want to show them getting together/established relationship that would be awesome. And finally, a very random prompt if you know Ryan North's other work: crossover with Dinosaur Comics.

General | Revelation Space | Squirrel Girl | WicDiv | Disney Fairies | West Wing | SMAC | KotOR

The Wicked + The Divine

Requested characters: Amaterasu, Ananke, Baal, Baphomet, Dionysus, Inanna, Lucifer, Morrigan, Laura|Persephone, Sakhmet, Tara, Cassandra|Urdr

Ships I particularly like: Baal/Inanna, Baphomet/Morrigan (+OT3 with Laura or Dionysus), Lucifer/everyone (but especially Cassandra, Laura, Sakhmet and Inanna), Laura/Cassandra, Morrigan/Sakhmet

(any reference to a god or mortal name is a reference to that individual on both sides of their meeting with Ananke, I'm just lazy)

Spoilers-wise, I'm up to date, so if you are too and you want to speculate wildly about what's going to happen next then go for it. On the other hand, I'm fascinated by the historical recurrences, so exploring any of these characters' previous incarnations would be great.

Trick ideas: What it's like to go through the gauntlet of being transformed by Ananke. What it was like for Ananke in the intervening decades. Capricious gods toying with mortals and/or each other. Conflict between the gods. (NB while Woden isn't in the tag set, and I wouldn't want fic that focused on him exclusively, I'm more than happy for him to appear as an antagonist, including all his sleaziness.) What would it be like if Ananke's right about the darkness, and it does win?

Treat ideas: [God of your choice] in concert, from their POV or someone in the audience. Any sort of shippy encounter (feel free to stretch and squeeze the canon timeline, or go slightly-less-tragic AU, if it helps make something workable). A flashback to the Saeculum, the ninety-year period millennia back when Ananke claims the gods won against the forces of darkness and everything was some sort of amazing golden age.

General | Revelation Space | Squirrel Girl | WicDiv | Disney Fairies | West Wing | SMAC | KotOR

Disney Fairies

Requested characters: Tink, Vidia, Zarina, Fawn, Periwinkle, James Hook, Gruff

(I'm more than happy for you to bring in characters not in the tag set too. ... And if you want to throw in references to other roles the voice actors have done, I'll grin; this is definitely the fandom where I get to see Roxy Richter interacting with Ugly Betty and Alex Munday, or Morticia Addams having a thing with James Bond, for example.)

Trick ideas: Dystopian/apocalyptic AUs where the big crises don't get fixed. What if Pixie Hollow stayed frozen at the end of Secret of the Wigns? What if Hook had made it to the mainland with his frigate that flies in Pirate Fairy? What if Gruff hadn't been able to save them from the storm in Neverbeast?

Treat ideas: Anything fluffy about day-to-day life in Pixie Hollow would be great. (Random overly specific example: Zarina is asked to make the first Moonstone sceptre for the Alchemists' Guild.) Alternatively, I'd be fascinated if you want to poke at the worldbuilding: in particular, we see what happens to baby's laughs in the Victorian/Edwardian-ish present day of the films, but how did Pixie Hollow get established when babies first started to laugh? (Is Queen Clarion the very first fairy? Or did she have predecessors? etc.)

I also have quite a few ships, for what it's worth: I ship Tink/Vidia in a rivals-to-lovers kind of way. (There's a big shift in Vidia's attitude towards Tink at the end of Great Fairy Rescue which I take as being the start of them being together in some way, though I also tend to imagine that they never quite manage to define their relationship, they kind of keep hooking up and it releases the tension between them but they're not comfortable going further than that.) I ship Fawn/Nyx in a very similar way (but I know Nyx isn't in the tag set). And I ship Tink/Zarina in a kindred-spirits way, with their curiosity and challenging the traditions of Pixie Hollow.

General | Revelation Space | Squirrel Girl | WicDiv | Disney Fairies | West Wing | SMAC | KotOR

The West Wing

Requested characters: Donna Moss, Matt Santos, Helen Santos, Louise Thornton, Ronna Beckman, Arnold Vinick, Otto

As is probably obvious from the characters I've selected, I'm mostly after something set in Seasons 6 and 7, or post-show during the Santos administration. (Or even after that, given that it's more than eight years since the show ended, so even if he won his re-election Santos is definitely retired now.) I'm open to Donna from earlier in the timeline, though, and any other West Wing characters, in the tag set or otherwise, appearing as well (most notably Josh, who didn't make it in).

Trick ideas: Being haunted by the ghost of a previous holder of a post. (e.g. What if Andrew Jackson appears on Big Block of Cheese day?) Suddenly having to deal with a zombie apocalypse/alien invasion/similar sf/fantasy/horror-style catastrophe. People doing deals with dark forces to get ahead in politics.

Treat ideas: Anything about the day-to-day running of the campaign/White House/etc. would be great. I would quite happily read them all snarking at each other until the cows come home. I do ship Matt/Helen, Lou/Otto (which I can see either remaining a casual thing or turning into something more serious), Ronna/Cindy-who-isn't-in-the-tag-set, Donna/Josh-who-isn't-in-the-tag-set. And, er, I am very fond of the idea of Matt/Helen/Donna/Josh OT4, if that's a direction you'd be inclined to travel in.

General | Revelation Space | Squirrel Girl | WicDiv | Disney Fairies | West Wing | SMAC | KotOR

Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri

Requested characters: Deirdre Skye, Corazon Santiago, Prokhor Zakharov, Nwabudike Morgan, Miriam Godwinson, Sheng-ji Yang

(These are my noms, and if there had been more than six slots, Lal would have been in here too, so feel free to use him. But I don't ship him with any of the others particularly, and he doesn't have the same potential for nastiness for tricks as some of the "bad guy" leaders.)

Trick ideas: Mind worms. Psi attacks in general. Drone spheres. Nerve stapling. The research hospital. The thought control social engineering option. Day-to-day life under a repressive regime like the Hive or the Believers. Zakharov's unethical experiments. The game has horror lurking around every corner, basically.

Treat ideas: Transcendence, either on the personal level or the endgame. Telepathy stuff. Shipwise, I am very, very into Deirdre/Corazon (for more of my thoughts on them, see this section of my Femslash Exchange letter), though I can also see Deirdre/Morgan in anything from a full-on hatesex scenario to attempting to persuade one another of the merits of their points of view.

General | Revelation Space | Squirrel Girl | WicDiv | Disney Fairies | West Wing | SMAC | KotOR

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Requested characters: Revan, Bastila, Carth, Juhani, Canderous, Mission, HK, Dustil, Malak

(I don't mind about Revan's gender with the exception that I'd prefer no Male Revan/Juhani, so I've requested all three versions in the tag set to make sure I don't make myself harder to match for things that I would be willing to receive.)

I ship both of the main canon ships, though I'm happy with either gender of Revan for them, as well as Revan/Canderous and Female Revan/Juhani. I'd also be up for Revan/Malak and Bastila/Juhani. I'm happy with a trick-ish or treat-ish take on any of these (or indeed any other combinations, except involving Mission, please).

Trick ideas: Anything and everything to do with the Dark Side, basically. Some of those powers you can select are really horrifying when you read the descriptions as something other than a list of what dice rolls are involved. Or exploration of what happens after a Dark Side ending; I'm particularly interested in the idea of DS!Revan abusing the (surviving) crew's trust in them.

Treat ideas: Victory celebrations. Down time. Jedi (and non-Jedi) characters on a mission together, post-game. Carth and Dustil bonding (maybe helping in the rebuilding of Telos?). HK becoming increasingly frustrated at not being allowed to use his assassination protocols.

General | Revelation Space | Squirrel Girl | WicDiv | Disney Fairies | West Wing | SMAC | KotOR

Thanks again for creating for me; I can't wait to see what you come up with! (If there is anything you want to ask, feel free to go via the mod, but, er, all comments on this post are screened.)



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